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Doddaballapur city is located 40 km north east of Bangalore city. Its present population is around 89209 with an area of 15.81 sq km. At present the main source of water for domestic use of the city is underground water which is supplied by the Municipal council. The people in the city have to buy water for potable use. Thus water conservation is one of the prerogatives for Doddaballapur. Further there is no sewage disposal facility in the city. Most of the sewage is disposed in the storm water drains flowing along the roads and finally discharge into the lake or open spaces. Almost all the public toilets are in broken condition and not used by the community.

For laying and maintenance of the central sewer system, huge investment of around 55 crores is required. Slum population, which constitutes 17% of the present population is excluded.  Hence to have a complete sanitation solution, the central sewerage system needs to be complemented with other alternatives like decentralized approaches. DEWATS and biogas plant are discussed as alternatives in this study. These two systems are being used at many places and are giving successful results. These systems can be customized based on local condition such as space availability; reuse options etc. to deal with urban water management in totality. In this particular case, lake front development was integrated into the overall waste water management systems

Decentralized Waste Water Treatment Systems for Dodaballapura